What You Should Know About Our Sound Healing Program

Integrity Is Everything

Over the past years, sound healing has become mainstream. Now it is a big industry of software, gadgets, musical instruments, and education agencies offering a certificate in sound healing

Sound therapists and  sound healers began appearing everywhere…

Many of them have the best intentions to make this world a better place with less suffering! Unfortunately, so often there is a big gap between the intention and "know-how".

Some practitioners try to bring the audience to the state of harmony not giving a doubt whether their instruments are harmonic. Some don't even know the definition of harmony in music.

Harmony has a mathematical foundation, but unfortunately, mathematics, music theory, and even the skills of deep listening don't fit with lots of sound healing schools

To find such knowledge isn't easy, because the majority of schools are copying the same information such as working with "special" frequencies and application of the western music notes to chakras.

Before taking the responsibility to heal with sound, you may want to understand what sound really is!  

To become confident in your practice you have to be familiar with physics, music theory, specifics of musical instruments, and many other subjects such as basic physiology and psychoacoustics.

If you neglect these basic subjects, you create a blind spot in the relationship with your art. This is a question of integrity!

My name is Guy Yair Beider. For many years I was seeking a practice that would help me become a better version of myself and bring benefits to others.

In 2007 my path brought me to the sound of Himalayan singing bowls. That moment that I heard the complex simplicity of the singing bowl for the first time, I skipped a breath. It felt like the world just stopped. It appeared to me right away that I had to learn about these instruments…

Because of the lack of reliable information, lots of what I learned didn't make sense to me at all. YouTube videos of people striking loudly sacred instruments made me doubtful. I was drawn to the subtle beauty of sound and committed to unveil and share this beauty. 

I bought several singing bowls and started to gently play hypnotic sequences for individuals and groups.

Singing bowls and the audience became my best teachers. 

For a better understanding of the dynamics between my instruments, I began to explore the acoustical properties of each bowl. I deepened myself into the judicious listening and study of musicology, physics, psychoacoustics, and psychology.

Now I was feeling — and knowing — what was happening.

Since 2010 I've conducted hundreds of sound journeys. I've been blessed to witness and document real miracles happening to my audience. These miracles made me confident and motivated to share my expertise with you.

I have put together a practical program that talks to the heart and to both brain hemispheres. It reveals missing links and knowledge that no other school is giving.

This program is designed to walk you step-by-step through the world of symbiosis between sound and humanity. 

The class is drawn up for sound practitioners of all levels and those who want to become one, to transform and be a confident creator of therapeutic arts.

You will be led into the most subtle details of working with sound and will get answers for questions that would take you a lot of years to come to.

  • You won’t feel lost anymore hearing or reading about the properties of sound, because you’ll learn the physics of sound. 
  • You won’t feel overwhelmed analyzing musical compositions since you’ll become familiar with the main principles of music theory.
  • You will be able to separate the myths that the sound wellness market is widely offering to the seeker from the facts. 
  • You will learn to listen consciously, and how to compose your sonic journeys to guide the audience into the transformative practice.
  • You will dig deep into the fine nuances of psychoacoustics and know how to evoke desired listening responses (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical).
  • You will be taught about the real origins of Himalayan singing bowls, their types, sonic characteristics and most effective practical use. Also, you’ll be provided with a buyer’s guide and listening exercises to develop the skills of quality evaluator. 
  • You’ll be offered to take what my students call a "Ph.D. singing bowls practical lab", which is a revolutionary and unique way to reveal the dynamics of singing bowls. 
  • You will learn about operating with a pulse of singing bowls, choosing harmonious instruments, putting coherent sets together, sculpturing the space with overtones, connecting tones into a sentence, building a bridge between the instruments that are speaking different languages and many more breathtaking skills.

 and transparent communication with them.

  • You will be introduced to the most popular sound healing instruments used in the field and learn to thoughtfully play them. 
  • You will be guided on how to facilitate your sound experience in the safest, ethical and thoughtful manner possible.
  • You’ll be provided with recommended setups and scenarios for the best experience along with the survey of professional sound workers sharing what should be avoided during the sound journeys. 

I am very much looking forward to seeing you in the class and to responding to your comments and questions. I take this mission with humility, great honor, and even greater responsibility!

Truly Yours 

Guy Yair Beider