• How are your sound healing training classes different from all other programs offered by sound healing academies, sound therapy schools and teachers?

    More integrity for less money! Our Sound Healing Teachers Training is the only program available that collaborates the studying of physics, music theory, psychoacoustics and other aspects of science, with practical exercises, art, and spirituality. The content of the Sound Therapy practitioners preparation program is drawn to speak to the hearts and minds of participants. This is the "know-how" to heal with sound practical program. Besides the theoretical knowledge, it includes practical exercises of working with real tools. This course is debunking New age beliefs and provides students with a wide spectrum of reliable information, interesting facts and philosophy. All of our sound therapy related programs are covering a huge scope of knowledge in various fields, yet they are broken down into very detailed explanations and subtle nuances of working with sound. Another advantage of our sound healing classes is their convenience. You can study anywhere and at your own pace.

  • Learning sound healing one on one. Do you provide your students with the private lessons?

    Yes, we offer one hour meetings for each segment (included in the price of the program). As a student of our Sound Healing Teachers Training program, you are eligible for nine hours of private or group meetings to discuss the material of each segment and get all your questions answered. However, once you are enrolled in our academy of sound healing, besides our gratitude, you also receive a personal email and phone number. of your tutor (the founder of Sound Medicine Academy). We promise to dedicate as much time as you need if you have any difficulties with the material. We spend a lot of private time with our students and we love it. No additional exchange will be asked :)

  • Are your students eligible for a sound healing certificate?

    The short answer is - yes! You will be eligible for the certificate once you complete the Sound Healing Teacher Training course. For your knowledge - no government agency (globally) certifies the sound healing academies and schools that are running certificate programs! Fact check me :) What you receive upon the completion of any global sound healing academy courses is the certificate of completion. That kind of certificate could be customized and printed in a variety of colors for you upon the completion of this course too. Our agenda is not to attract you with any master-level certificates, but to share with you important knowledge and love for sound (a huge load of it :) ).

  • What are the requirements to take this sound healing class?

    You don't have to be a musician, therapist, healer, or wellness coach. If you are passionate about sound and you are looking for a path of self transportation and service, this class is for you! The requirements are attention, commitment, dedication, and internet access. That is all! No previous experience in the field of music or wellness is needed!

  • Who is this sound therapy / sound healing program good for?

    Our sound wellness classes are good for you if you are: 1 looking to become a better listener. 2 looking to be heard. 3 touched by sound and want to create a close relationship with it. 4 inspired to understand what is sound and what is music. 5 desperate to transform your life and help people to become better versions of themselves. 6 desperate to help people to become mindful and healthier. 7 looking to become an independent artist. 8 considering becoming a sound therapist or sound healer. 9 already serving sound as a therapeutic or healing modality, and want to expand the field of your expertise. 10 looking for practical knowledge about sound healing / sound therapy instruments and tools. 11 wanting to find reliable references and knowledge that makes sense about sound healing. 12 already serving sound as a DJ or a musician and would like to know about the healing properties of conscious listening and what is called "sound healing". 13 suspecting that your knowledge in the field of sound therapy is based on too many unproven assumptions, speculations, and New Age elements in it. 14 looking to become confident in educating other sound healing practitioners. 15 Reiki practitioner, massage or acupuncture therapist, yoga instructor that wants to incorporate sound healing tools in your practice.

  • What are the outcomes to anticipate for after taking sound medicine classes?

    Upon the completion of our sound therapy program, you will have all the necessary information to start your practice. We can guarantee that you will NOT become a skillful sound healer, singing bowls or gong master until you gain your own experience! However, you will be equipped with radiant knowledge and motivation to deepen yourself in the art of sound wellness.

  • How long does it take to complete this sound healing program?

    Sound Healing Teacher Training And Singing Bowls Art Lab program contains about 240 pages of written material and over 18 hours of video and audio tutorials. We recommend dedicating one week to each segment. If you follow this recommendation, you will finish this class in nine weeks. If you dedicate one hour a day for five days a week, you may finish it in three to five weeks (based on your initial knowledge foundation).

  • Will the participants be able to access all the content of your programs after the completion of any sound healing course?

    Absolutely yes! You can go back to any section of our sound healing classes at any time. If you notice that the program has been slightly modified and can not access the information you are looking for, please contact us.