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Sound Medicine Academy is offering online sound healing programs and workshops for sound wellness arts facilitators who want to overcome blocks, cultivate a truly original vision and step into their full power as artists and healers.


The programs of Sound Medicine Academy will help you recalibrate, connect with your inner artist and create nourishing and heartfelt sonic journeys (something much more meaningful and deeper than a sound bath).  

Our sound healing certification courses offer you a wide range of information and practices that connect the heart, mind, ear, and spirit.

With us, you will explore what it means to use sound as a form of art, a tool for well-being, healing, and personal insight. 

The courses of Sound Medicine Academy are ideal if you feel like you’re just scratching the surface with your art and want to connect it to something deeper - but you’re not entirely sure how to make that happen.

Our classes are also good for you if you have already gained some expertise as a sound healing vibroacoustic therapy facilitator and feel like there is still something unknown and valuable to grasp. 

You will bypass the most common mistakes and inaccurate assumptions that even experienced sound healing facilitators and therapists make.

You are about to receive the tools to shine - as an artist and as a human.

All levels are welcome!

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What Our Sound Healing Academy Is Offering

Why Sound Healers Are Choosing Our Courses?

  • No snake oil, no b.s. speculations. We take sound therapy seriously!

  • All courses fit your schedule, your level and your lifestyle, so you can learn sound healing at your own pace, in your own time.

  • Learn fast with step-by-step, easy to understand lessons and progressive course curriculum.

  • Access your online sound healing lessons from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Rewatch lessons as many times as you want, whenever you want, with unlimited access.

  • Whatever your question, you’re never alone. We do everything to help. Call us, or write your questions and comments to get the quickest response.

  • Join our frequent free webinars. No additional cost for one on one lessons with the instructor.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. We want you to be 100% satisfied, that's why we offer a 14 day money back guarantee with all my courses.

Is Sound Healing Legit?

Residents of rehabilitation center are sharing about their experience with sound healing

Our Sound Healing Academy Courses Include


In this section, we will explore the behavior of sound, as well as its properties and characteristics. Understanding these fundamentals are a key element for deeper listening skills and mindfull working with sound when it is considered as a healing tool. 

You will learn about:

  • Definition of sound.
  • Vibration, medium and receiver. 
  • The frequency and pitch in sound. 
  • Low and high frequencies, wavelength.
  • Definition of loudness. 
  • How sound travels in a medium. 
  • Review of human perception of sound amplitude. 
  • Review of low and high frequency perception at different volume.
  • Definition of resonance and resonant frequencies. 
  • Sympathetic resonance. 
  • Discussion about using sound frequencies in healing
  • Debunking common myths about resonant frequencies for healing.
  • What does sound consist of? 
  • Definition of timbre and sound partials. 
  • The difference between harmonics and overtones. 
  • Standing waves. 
  • Definition of constructive and destructive waves (amplification and cancellation of sound). 
  • Nodes and antinodes. 
  • Introduction to cymatics. 
  • Relationship between physical properties of matter and geometrical patterns in cymatics. 
  • What is noise. 
  • The difference between white noise, pink noise, and brown noise.
  •  Schumann resonances
  • Exam to test your knowledge 

...and a lot more practical information and insights that the sound healing practitioner will need for becoming a skillful artist.


This section presents the essential knowledge of the building blocks in music. It is designed to help the beginning level and intermediate level sound healing workers understand how sound becomes music. This segment takes you into the logic behind the concepts and principles of music composition. 

You will explore:

  • What the notes in music are.
  • What the octave is.
  • Which frequencies are assigned to notes in commonly used systems. 
  • What tones and semitones (steps and half-steps) are.
  • A short history of notes.
  • What a musical scale is.
  • The history of the modern musical scale (Equal Temperament).
  • Mathematical ratios of notes in the musical scale.
  • Similarities and differences between a variety of musical scales (Just Intonation, Equal Temperament  A4 = 440Hz, A4=432Hz, and Solfeggio scale
  • New Age theories about superior frequencies and scales (432Hz, Solfeggio frequencies).
  • What harmonic intervals and melodic intervals are.
  • Names and building structures of music intervals.
  • Frequency charts for intervals (A4=440Hz Equal Temperament, A4=432Hz Equal Temperament, Just Intonation scale, Solfeggio scale).
  • The comparison of the ratios in intervals (Equal Temperament and Just Intonation).
  • How to find the most coherent scale (comparison between the Just Intonation, Equal Temperament, and Solfeggio scales).
  • What the definition of consonance and dissonance is.
  • A brief history of the discovery of consonant intervals.
  • The list of consonant and dissonant ratios and intervals.
  • The definition of major and minor chords.
  • What Tempo in music is.
  • Exam to test your knowledge.

...and a lot more information and interesting facts that will help sound healing practitioners to support the love of music with rational understanding.


Hearing is a sensory and perceptual event. When a person recognizes an acoustical signal, that signal arrives at the ear as a mechanical sound wave, but within the ear, sound is translated and transformed.  In this segment of our sound therapy training, we discuss the mental, psychological and physical processing of the acoustical signals. 

You will dive into:

  • Definition of psychoacoustics
  • Passive hearing vs active listening
  • Sonic triggers 
  • How the hearing process happens
  • Ear anatomy
  • Vagus nerve and sonic nourishment
  • Hearing sound with the body
  • Drawing reality through the listening
  • Three aspects of active listening
  • Selective listening
  • Work of Alfred  Tomatis
  • Awareness of the healing sounds 
  • Active listening as cleansing
  • Sound signals and puzzling the reality
  • Perception of low and high amplitude of sound
  • Overwhelming with sound vs playing quietly
  • The difference in perception of high and low pitch
  • Frequencies and energy centers 
  • Experiential exercise for a better understanding of the influence of sound on the human body
  • Perception of ascending and descending tones
  • The "Hysteresis" effect
  • Shepard tones
  • Thoughtful use of sound density 
  • Definition of crescendo and decrescendo (diminuendo)
  • Silence as a source of information and a tool for transformation
  • The healing potential of dissonance
  • Connecting body, mind and spirit through sound
  • Mood shifters 
  • The definition and listing of major and minor chords
  • Specifics of overtone-emitting instruments
  • The healing power of "surprise"
  • The benefits of tension and relive
  • Definition of synesthesia
  • Definition of auditory-tactile synesthesia
  • Definition of misophonia
  • The autonomous sensory meridian response ASMR

...and a lot more practical information and insights that the sound therapist will need to provoke conscious listening.


This segment will walk you through the internal rhythms of the human body and the influence of external rhythms on emotional, mental and physical states. 

You will get familiar with:

  • A brief history of entrainment discovery in physics
  • What entrainment is in nature and what are the conditions required for entrainment to happen
  • The rhythm of life and internal periodicity
  • The heartbeat of music
  • Rhythmic entrainment
  • External rhythms and body's motor skills
  • Stable, periodic patterns and erratic rhythms
  • What are brainwaves and brainwave patterns
  • Specifics and aspects of main brainwave patterns (Infra-low, Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma) 
  • A brief history of brainwave entrainment
  • How brainwave entrainment works
  • The definition of isochronic tones
  • The definition of monaural and binaural beats
  • The application of isochronic tones, and monaural and binaural beats in brain entrainment
  • The link between the sound, heartbeat, and breath
  • The healthy rate of heartbeat and breath
  • Heartbeat and breath rate entrainment

...and more practical tips and insights on understanding the significance of rhythms.


In this segment,  you will learn about the origins and types of Himalayan singing bowls (known as Tibetan singing bowls). Along with the history and personal stories of the author, this segment will also discuss the common myths about singing bowls. You will learn how to differentiate between modern and antique Himalayan singing bowls, how to choose your instrument and how to take care of it. We also compare metal and crystal singing bowls, the influence of the geometry of the singing bowls' on their sonic characteristics, and many more interesting subjects.

Subjects of this segment are: 

  • What a singing bowl is
  • A brief history and the origins of singing bowls
  • The original purpose and modern utilization of singing bowls 
  • The types and styles of original Himalayan singing bowls (description and pictures of the most common antique singing bowls types)
  • The author's personal story about learning the great lesson, healing emotional trauma and choosing the path of life
  • To what fields could singing bowls bring their benefits
  • The author's personal story about giving a healing session on a special occasion
  • Differences between antique singing bowls and modern singing bowls (what they are made of, manufacturing processes and sound qualities)
  • Video of nine singing bowls made of nine different metals and alloys
  • Video of making a golden singing bowl
  • Tips on how to tell whether the bowl is antique or newmade (video)
  • Video of the most common types of modern singing bowls
  • Crystal singing bowls
  • Comparisons between the timbre of metal singing bowls vs crystal singing bowls
  • How to take care of a singing bowl
  • Tips on how to find your bowl
  • How many bowls do I need?
  • Case study. Buyers guide to find the proper bowl for your needs (video comparison)
  • Ethos of sound
  • Conscious listening practical exercises
  • Debunking common myths about using singing bowls for working with chakras
  • The relationship between two manifestations of universal energy – sound and light
  • Debunking the theory of planetary sounds

...and a lot more useful information about singing bowls and the field of sound healing.


This segment explores the art and science of playing and assembling a coherent set of singing bowls; understanding what they offer, and how to get the full potential out of them. These instruments each have their own strengths, and subtle nuances. Here we bring together the information presented in the previous segments, and look at the application of sound therapy through the use of sound bowls.

You will learn:

  • How to use playing mallets
  • What are the proper cushions for singing bowls
  • Beginners techniques for playing singing bowls 
  • Advanced playing techniques
  • A review of striking and rubbing mallets
  • How to listen to the singing bowl
  • Singing bowls with different speed of pulsation
  • How to evaluate the quality of the singing bowl
  • Comprehensive video tutorial on evaluating the quality of contemporary singing bowls
  • Contemporary singing bowls price guide
  • Comprehensive video tutorials of antique singing bowls quality evaluation and price guide (Jambati, Thadobati, Thadobati cups, Manipuri, Mani, Naga, Shiva Lingam, Kopri)
  • "Listening with the body" exercise 
  • "Listening to the separated tones" exercise 
  • "Listening to the Ethos" exercise 
  • A brief overview of Taoist philosophy and singing bowls
  • The physics and dynamics of singing bowls
  • The concept of the pulse of singing bowl 
  • The pulse of the singing bowl in working with brain entrainment and internal rhythms of the body
  • Recommendations of the most efficient computer and smartphone frequency analyzers
  • Ratios between the sound partials in singing bowls 
  • Consideration of the singing bowl as a non-harmonic instrument
  • Do all singing bowls emit consonant overtones?
  • A practical exercise in analyzing the ratios between the sound partials of randomly selected singing bowls 
  • Learning to choose singing bowls with harmonic ratios
  • Video tutorials and a practical exercise in assembling a set of bowls with common harmonics and intervals of an octave, and perfect fifths
  • Video tutorials and a practical exercise in putting together matched pairs (binaural sets)
  • The magic of dissonance
  • A comprehensive explanation of what a headset is
  • Video tutorials on assembling and working with the headset
  • Step by step tutorials on how to assemble any set of three or more bowls considering musical intervals, ratios between sound partials, rates of pulsations, and Ethos
  • The periodic rhythm of singing bowls and striking rhythm
  • Breath rate and heartbeat entrainment
  • Using the knowledge of nodes and antinodes in working with singing bowls
  • Matching singing bowls "BPM"
  • Video tutorials on building tension with singing bowls

...and more tips that will make you more knowledgeable than your previous teacher.


This part of our sound healing training is dedicated to the etiquette and teachings of good manners in interaction with the king of the heavy metal kingdom. It will provide you with the knowledge and skills to be respected by the king (the gong) and your audience.

In this segment you will learn:

  • types of the most popular gongs
  • making process of gongs
  • What equipment do you need for playing gongs
  • review of stands, striking mallets and rubbing mallets for playing  gong
  • philosophy of playing the gong
  • tutorials on playing the gong by striking
  • tutorials on playing the gong with friction mallets
  • stories played by gongs


Practitioners use a number of different instruments and tools to create soundscapes for their sound healing journeys and sound baths. Like with all instruments, it is important to understand the underlying principles of how the sounds are made and transmitted. You will learn what these instruments are, and how to thoughtfully use them.

The subjects are:

  • how to play crystal singing bowls
  • working with drum 
  • working with rattles
  • tips on working with Tingsha bells
  • tips on working with Koshi chimes
  • working with Shruti box
  • therapeutic lap harp
  • types and story of tuning forks
  • tuning forks as the mood shifters
  • Burma bells (Kyeezees)
  • what is Jew's harp and how to play it


Group sessions (sound bath) bring the sound healing worker's skill set into clear focus in terms of how they understand themselves, their instruments, and how to create a sound journey for listeners. Setting up the physical space where the session takes place requires attention to aesthetics, acoustics, and distractions. Preparing the participants before a class begins in a number of important ways. Equally vital is knowing things to avoid during group sessions.

The subjects of this chapter are:

  • Sound master vs sound servant
  • Building the relationship with silence
  • Going over the details of preparation for the sound journey
  • Set and setting
  • Welcoming your audience
  • Building the relationship with your listeners
  • What to say and how to say it
  • How to honestly promote your event 
  • What your audience should know about the session
  • Nuances of sharing things in public
  • Setting up the intention
  • How to find an intention
  • The real meaning of healing
  • Benefits of conscious listening
  • Ethics
  • Emotional rollercoaster
  • Laying down vs sitting up
  • Tools to unify your listeners
  • Last preparations before diving in 
  • Sound worker as a sonic architect (skills of building 3d sonic sculptures)
  • A detailed explanation of how to set up your instruments in the most efficient way
  • How to compose the content of the journey using the knowledge of music theory, psychoacoustics, and physics 
  • How to hold the space for the session
  • A detailed explanation of how to facilitate a sacred journey
  • Review of the meaningful scenario of the journey
  • Relieving tension in practice
  • Gongs – the storytellers
  • How to close the ceremony (safe arrival)
  • Review of additional common sound healing instruments
  • Video tutorials for the mindful use of additional sound healing instruments
  • Defining ethical advertising for your event
  • Are there any medical limitations for participants to be aware of
  • A detailed list of precautions
  • Experienced sound workers sharing their expertise about what NOT to do during the sound sessions

...and, yes, even more motivation to share sound with people!


Testimonials Of Sound Medicine Academy Students

Marina Sigalova Sound Meditation Facilitator & Theta Healing Practitioner (Italy)

"I consider myself so lucky, having learned sound healing from Guy as he unveiled a whole new world of sound to me. Guy has an extremely wide scope of knowledge and deep understanding in the field of sound healing. Prior to studying with him I took two sound healing courses with a famous internationally acknowledged Sound Healing school: One on One Sound Healing and Group Sound Healing. Having paid around £2300, I was left with lots of questions that were not answered by my tutors. I was not satisfied with vague, “trust-your -intuition-and-play” answers. Moreover, I realized that it was not only my problem: my friend who took a sound healing course with another famous school, had no idea about harmony and awareness of the dissonant intervals whatsoever, so it was like an unconscious beating onto a bowl, with notes being attributed to a particular chakra. With Guy's methods of teaching, I was able to get a really deep understanding of sound and how things work. In a clear, practical, and enthusiastic way, he passed his knowledge of how to apply sound to generate deep healing responses. As his teachings are based on profound scientific research combined with intuitive knowledge, Guy encouraged me to develop intuition through a conscious listening. His course is so comprehensive and there is no need to learn more from other sources. I truly recommend him!"

Rudi Bach Sound Meditation Facilitator at Kripalu Center (MA, USA)

"Guy Yair Beider is a core teacher in my development as a sound therapy practitioner. He has thoughtfully guided my approach and ethos during a time when my work has expanded into larger groups. While some teachers tend towards theory, and others more towards practicum, Guy blends both with wisdom, humor, and a heart the size of a bus. One of the things you come away with when studying with him is his love of the instruments, and the way he cares for the soundscape. His approach is grounded in deep experience, and he has a clear eye for any unnecessary baggage the student may be carrying. I've learned so much from Guy, and enjoyed it!"

Lee R Horsman Sound Meditation Facilitator (NC, USA)

"Guy Beider’s class was exactly what I needed! Not new to singing bowls but interested in developing my skill in using them therapeutically and in support of meditation, I had no clear idea of the many kinds of singing bowls there are, what their properties and ranges of sound are, how they perform both alone and together, and certainly knew nothing of how to pull together a set of bowls that would work well [synergistically] together, both musically as well as therapeutically. Guy brings science and art - plus a touch of mysticism - together in presenting his class. He is highly skilled in being able to share of his wisdom and experience through a clear presentation of the material. He also very helpfully debunks popular misconceptions including some that sales people use. Step by step, Guy describes the sound dynamics that exist in the varying intervals between pitches, all in a way that I could develop a sense of both what I wanted in terms of creating the sound I was searching for as well as how to wisely choose the pitches needed. Guy makes use of numerous online links, video tutorials and interactive exercises which demonstrate points he is illustrating, making even the rather complex concepts easily understandable. I have not elsewhere found video clips as clear and helpful as these. Taking this class has put really helpful tools in my hands, deepened my understanding in very practical ways, and provided an inspiration that makes my search possible and real. I am very grateful for this exquisitely well written class!"

Lisbeth Busk-Johansen Sound Meditation Facilitator (Denmark)

"This course is an abundance of knowledge, insights and love for singing bowls, shared with generosity, and honesty by Guy Yair Beider. Theory, science and practice are going hand by hand in well-formulated chapters revealing the author's broad experience with sound work. Taking the "Sound Healing Teacher Training" course leaves me well informed and inspired working in the field that I was struggling to find reliable and practical knowledge. Currently, I find myself at a higher level of understanding, confident, and better grounded in the approach to my own sound work, as well as my ongoing love life with singing bowls."

Just everything about this sound healing course is amazing! Lucy C. Sound Healing Teacher (UK)

"First off, thank you Guy for putting together such an informative and practical, well-structured course. While I was studying sound healing in the UK, I came up with so many questions that were remaining unanswered. Now I understand why my path has brought me to your Sound Medicine Academy. I gained so much knowledge, wisdom, and awareness. Now my sound therapy practice is 10 levels higher thanks to this course. I wish everyone searching for a reliable sound therapy education to take this course or at least to have an opportunity to listen to you. By the way, our Zoom meetings were the highlights (all of them)! Guy, you are an amazing sound worker, incredibly wise teacher, and one of the most radiant souls I know. Your “Sound Healing Teacher Training” course should become a standard for the sound healing community. This course was a real deal! Thank you so much!"

I am laughing at my certificates from the previous sound healing schools and academies! This course is all I needed! Lily R. Sound Healing Facilitator (CA, USA)

"Highly recommend Sound Healing Teacher’s Training, All the segments were given clearly and enjoyable. I’ve learned a lot of new information as well as adopted new practice techniques. I received lots of support from my tutor Guy who is an incredible master of sound and human communication! I loved both, the self-teaching part of the program and complementing Zoom conversations with Guy. My concerns about taking a class ONLINE seem to be completely irrelevant after receiving so much from Sound Medicine Academy. Also, the certificates I gained over the years with other sound healing schools are just NOTHING in comparison to the practical knowledge, wisdom and inspiration I absorbed from Guy. P.S. I know physics now :)"

You have improved my quality of life and my understanding of energy. Mai Nguyen (Montreal, Canada)

"I have been suffering from MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) for the past several years. As a result, I have been unable to use conventional nonorganic medicines (modern pharmaceuticals). I grew up using traditional Chinese medicine. Upon my diagnosis of MCS I sought a way of trying to cure myself of this debilitating disease. I discovered Ayurvedic Medicine and that lead me to explore sound healing. Since my condition has destroyed my immune system and made me sensitive to all chemicals, this made the journey of healing seem almost impossible. Studying at the Sound Medicine Academy taught me how sounds work within the body to activate different areas. This allowed me to pinpoint where I had the most problems and work on them. It is not a way to become my old self again but it allowed me the ability to know my body better and what to avoid. I don’t understand why western doctors aren’t taught this! I was born in Canada but my family is originally from Vietnam and even they have a rough idea of how the environment impacts our bodies. Thank you Guy for your extensive knowledge and your kindness. You have improved my quality of life and my understanding of energy."

I currently feel confident to share my newly acquired knowledge with others. Matt Bauer (PA USA)

"I got interested in the healing properties of sound when I visited Nepal during my Asian backpacking trip. It helped me take a more active role in controlling my anxiety. I started with the desire to help other people who had similar experiences. I have always had a more scientific mind and Guy’s teaching approach allowed me to understand the scientific reasoning to how and why I had initially felt so calm abroad. Psychoacoustics are my main take away from this course. The introduction to various instruments, playing techniques and the science of sound allowed me to finally get a better understanding. This course is comprehensive so I strongly suggest you take time to digest the material. The one on one Zoom sessions with Guy allowed me to clarify all the questions I had and I currently feel confident to share my newly acquired knowledge with others. Final tip; the help from Guy when it came to acquiring singing bowls, just priceless. Thank you Guy."

Sound Healing Training

Nichole Tandy

I researched a lot before I signed up for Guy's training. I chose his training because he was very responsive, professional, had a transparent curriculum and he made it clear he was available anytime to answer questions. I really enjoyed the depth of his knowledge in music theory. I loved how much he conveys his love for the Himalayan Singing Bowls in this course, shares his personal journey with them and teaches us all about their true beauty and uniqueness. He kept his word and was always available to speak with over text, email or phone calls. I also love that even though I have completed my training I have access to this information forever :) He truly teaches us to play with clear hearts, true intention and connection with our audience.

About the founder of the Sound Medicine Academy

My name is Guy Yair Beider. For many years I was seeking a practice that would help me become a better version of myself and bring benefits to others. In 2007 my path brought me to the sound of Himalayan singing bowls. That moment that I heard the complex simplicity of the singing bowl for the first time, I skipped a breath. It felt like the world just stopped. It appeared to me right away that I had to learn about these instruments… Because of the lack of reliable information, lots of what I learned didn't make sense to me at all. YouTube videos of people striking loudly sacred instruments made me doubtful. I was drawn to the subtle beauty of sound and committed to unveiling and sharing this beauty. I bought several singing bowls and started to gently play hypnotic sequences for individuals and groups. Singing bowls and the audience became my best teachers. For a better understanding of the dynamics between my instruments, I began to explore the acoustical properties of each bowl. I deepened myself into the judicious listening and study of musicology, physics, psychoacoustics, and psychology. Now I was feeling — and knowing — what was happening. Since 2010 I've conducted hundreds of sound journeys. I've been blessed to witness and document real miracles happening to my audience. These miracles made me confident and motivated to share my expertise with you. I take this mission with humility, great honor, and even greater responsibility!
Guy Beider Sound Healing Teacher